Unable to use Studio enterprise trail version

Hello All,
Recently i downloaded the 60 days UiPath trail version. But i still see that i am using community version upon changing my license type.

My main goal was to read more that 50+ pdf file which is not possible in community version. So i downloaded the trail version but I cant use it here as well since it says community version Enterprise trail.

Is the community version and free 60 days trail same? Am i doing something wrong? Can anyone check and help me? Thank you in advance.



  1. Make sure you have installed the correct version of UiPath (the 60-day Trial version) on your machine.
  2. Check the licensing settings within UiPath to ensure that the 60-day Trial license is correctly applied. To do this, open UiPath Studio or UiPath Assistant and navigate to the License tab. There, you should be able to see the license type and its expiration date.
  3. If the license type displayed is not “Enterprise Trial,” try activating the license again. You may need to enter the license key or sign in with your UiPath account credentials to activate the trial version.
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