UiPath Studio Enterprise Trial Activation & Install Challenge

Good Morning,

We have signed up to the 60 day Automation Cloud trial with the view to download and utilise the Enterprise version.

As per the Automation Cloud instructions, we downloaded the UiPathStudioCommunity.msi and unintentionally selected the option for ‘Community’ rather than ‘Advanced-Enterprise’

As a result, we can’t seem to activate our license or correctly install UiPath Studio. Yet we can’t seem to reverse or uninstall to then select the correct version.

We also can’t seem to find our license key anywhere in automation cloud to do a manual install of the software.

Does anyone have any advice on next steps to activate UiPath Studio?

You can raise a ticket to UiPath Customer Support. They will help you with it.
Here you can find more info on it


Being trial edition we won’t be able to extend the license period
So you need to contact support or reseller if you need to try to extend enterprise license period

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @timagnew