RPA Developer Foundation Training


I have completed RPA Developer Foundation Training assessment and scored 80% marks. I didn’t get my certificate after completing the course. Could you please help me out to provide the certification for this.


@Shradha_Upadhyaya could you please check?

Hi Vikram,
You can download your diploma if you access your course and click “Download copy of my certificate” at the bottom of the page, where you can find the Course Info widget.
Also, you can find your diploma if you hover over the 3 stripes icon on the left side bar, click My Activities and then go to the Courses tab. In line with the course you have completed, you can click the ribbon icon to start the download.
Andra T.
UiPath Academy Team

Hi I completed my Foundation Training but didn’t get the certificate yet. Could you please help .

Akanksha Bhatt