How to change from StudioX to Studio?

I dont have a UiPath license and use always used community. Somehow, when I opened the app, it was StudioX and not Studio. I tried going to “Config”, “License and Profile” like some people recommended but the “Alter License” is greyed out and I cant click it or do anything about it. I uninstalled it and installed again but still opens as StudioX. Does anyone knows how to install Community?

It looks like your license changed from community to Automation Express. Check this thread: How can I see if I am using the Automation Express license for Studio X? - #14 by javier.ruiz


Because your license is AutomationExpress, you cannnot switch to Studio profile
The following post may help you.

If your plan is community or enterprise, you can configure your settings in AutomationCloud

If your plan is free, it may be necessary to re-create your organization.


Thank you, that really helped. It was indeed “Free”. I deleted the organization, created another one and now is “Community”! Thank you again for your time!

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