Cannot run excel when set process as a background process

Hello everyone
In my process I am using excel activities ,when I set the process as a foreground process and run it from orchestrator or studio it works without any error .
but when I set the process as a background process I can run it from studio but when I run it from orchestrator I get this error message:
Excel Application Scope: Failed opening the Excel file . Possible reasons: the file is corrupt, the file is already used by another process or you don’t have permissions to open the file

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Check whether the file is available in the path which you provided?

Is your bot license is unattended / Attended


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Check @ahmad-zaitouni whether excel process is running already

So for safety put a kill process activity to kill excel process at the beginning of Workflow

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yes it is available , I can use the same file when I set process as foreground process

the bot license is non-production , I will set it as unattended and test it

I already kill excel process before use any excel activity

Which activity you are using?

I tested it with unattended and got same error

I tested excel scope activities and workbook activities and got same error

I was running into this issue and found this note on the UiPath documentation page for background processes:

“When running Background Automations via Unattended Robots, using Microsoft Offce applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint might not work properly as they have been built to run in User-Session, meaning that they need an interactive desktop session and user profile. For additional information on how Office 365 Products work with Server Sessions(session 0), see the Server-side Automation of Office document from Microsoft.”

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