Unable to use Write Range in UnAttended Automation

Hi Team,
While working with excel I am facing an issue while running it in UnAttended.
What I am trying to achieve?
I had a Build data table and writing that data to excel using write range.

This works perfectly for me in attended mode. But when I import this package to orchestrator and trying to run this in unattended mode the excel is not writing any data in it or not even creating an excel.

Note: I used the kill process activity to kill the excel application instance if any and checked the task manager to see for any excel instance there I didn’t find any.

But the following way has worked in attended and unattended mode

Not sure what the reason behind this. Want to know other reasons why this is happening.
@AndrewHall @Lahiru.Fernando @Syed_Pasha @ClaytonM

To clarify, you are saying the second screenshot works as expected but the first does not?

  • It looks like from the screenshot these are workbook activities? If so, they completely bypass Excel so the hanging process issue shouldn’t be the problem in this case.
  • My guess based on the screenshots and behavior as I understand it is, the issue in the first screenshot isn’t that the file isn’t being created, but that it’s being created in an unexpected location. You are providing a relative path in the first case (i.e. letting the robot decide what directory to place the file into) where in the second case you are providing an absolute path (i.e. telling the robot the exact folder where to create the file).
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Yes, to @AndrewHall’s point, when you publish your process into Orchestrator, then it runs, then ‘CurrentDirectory’ is set to the local package location on the server.

You will need to use the full file path.

The file is being created, but just being placed in a location where the package runs from. I can’t remember the exact path off the top of my head.


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