Starting a session do I need to start an excel.exe

Our organization is changing Orchestrator to log out of the server session when an automation is completed. Then log back into the session when a new automation starts so there is a clean desktop. I have two questions:

  1. If I have an automation running approximately every 4 minutes on several servers, will the continual logging out of and logging back into a session present a problem

  2. If excel is available in all servers, do I need to use a Start Process Activity to run an Excel.exe? My issue is, this opens excel on the desktop and I do not want excel opened on the desktop as it interferes with other activities such as logging into an Application to interact with the UI


The Excel Application Scope Activity requires you to have Excel installed on a machine before you use it. That said, there is a visual property that you can disable to prevent excel from visually opening up.

Alternately, you can use the Workbook activity to work with Excel.

This I know but doesn’t address my question. Perhaps I worded it incorrectly. If a session is logged out of after each automation, and the logged back in for the next automation, do I need to run a Start Process Activity to use Excel when the app scope is marked “Not Visible”? Running a Start Process Activity to point to the excel.exe opens an excel book in the session. I do not want this. Will the bot interact with excel if I do not use a Start Process Activity pointing at the excel.exe?

Well I for one have not used Start process to open Excel. Both Workbook and Excel scope can manipulate excel without using a preceding start process .