Cannot open UIPath studio/project [URGENT]



Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with my latest version of UIPath studio. I’m using the Community version and recently it crashed down during the package managing. After providing the source path to package a bug appeared and all packages from the studio dissapeared. Later I decied to kill it with task manager as I was not able to close application normally and then I’m no longer able to run it. While trying to open studio nothing happens. I tried to restart my computer couple of times, uninstall the program and install again BUT I’m not even able to reinstall it as uninstall wizard is not appearing from control panel (although uipath studio is dissapearing from program list, all other files of it remain). Moreover, running the exe installation file doesn’t react too…The UI logo is appearing for seconds then dissapear and nothing happens. Could you please help me figure out what actually happened?


Ok Guys, I’ve solved it already on my own. There were some problem with remaining nuget files which I removed manually and then clear windows registry. After that re-installation were completed successfully and UI ran again.