Cannot install Excel addon - error "Microsoft Excel cannot be detected. If Microsoft Excel is present on your machine, please re-install it because your installation may be corrupt"

I am unable to check this as I get the following error. Any ideas?

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Hello @jgilliland

Do you have microsoft Excel installed in your computer?

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Yes, I was hoping to skip that question, via the photo. as you will see i have excel open in the background


Not finding the issue there. Good idea though.

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Hello jgilliland,
Could you please check the following entry in the registry : \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Excel.Application
We found out that sometimes Office Excel fails to install itself successfully and all thought the user is able to use the MS Excel but automation does not work.


Where can I check this, spent about 15 mins exploring, but instead of wasting more time, wanted to reach out and ask.

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Hi @jgilliland

Windows has an inbuilt tool to do so, see here:


Apologies, was lost for a second, i thought maybe dragos was speaking of some sort of Uipath registry I was unaware of. So it wasn’t making sense.

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Tried doing a fresh install. didn’t help. Ideas? Does office 365 matter?

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Even I am getting the same error .


I tried checking the Excel.Application in the regedit but it does not exist.

Somehow I do not want to re-install the office. Is there any way I can install the Excel Adin ?

Looking for early reply.

Minal Gupta


Anybody grinding on the weekend? Any thoughts on the above, if you are?

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Looking forward to get a reply on this asap from UiPath.

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Basically a reinstall, repair or update to newer versions of the office installation should resolve the issue. The problem is that those keys are not present in registries. At this point we do have a bug that is investigated in order to provide a fix in future StudioX updates.


It did get resolved by re-installing office, but thats a hassle in itself

Glad it worked. We are aware of this issue and is under investigation. What office are You using? Do You use a Microsoft account? Are You logged in? 32 or 64 bit version? Thank you!


This is the version I am using. Thanks