Cannot get tabular data in excel sheet

hi ,
i am extracting tabular data but it is coming all are in one line
i am getting like this

i want to get data like in excel sheet

i am attaching pdf and xaml .
tabulat 2.xaml (14.5 KB) sampledata.pdf (110.8 KB)

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Hi @Anand_Designer,

If you want to extract tabular data into excel, use the pdf to excel package from manage package in uipath.

Try this.:grin:

Use data scrapping to store the tabular data in a datatable.while scraping data just indicate the data 407.447
After that use write range activity to add data from datatable to excel.

i want use string Manipulation

Hi @Anand_Designer,
If you want to use String Manipulation then you have to look out for the patterns.
I would suggest you to go for Regex.
First of all after using Read pdf activity always use write text file activity so that you know the pattern of your pdf. Then open the file where you’ve saved your write text file and split the required fields, in your case, you can split into new line from Date to Example.
Then you can apply Regex on it.
Let me give you an example, speed is always a number so in Regex your expression will somewhat be like this - “\d+.\d+”
You can extract all values like this and then store them into datatable using either array row or data row. I would prefer you to go for datarow. Rest is your wish.
I hope it helps.
For any query, feel free to ask here and mention me.


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i used Read pdf activity , write text file activity

i used string manipulation below like.
pdfextractedData.Substring(pdfextractedData.IndexOf(“CUSTOMER ID”),pdfextractedData.IndexOf(“PRETORIA MAIN ROAD AND BEATTY STR”)-pdfextractedData.IndexOf(“CUSTOMER ID”)).Replace(“CUSTOMER ID”,“”)

String manipulation.docx (12.2 KB)
in this columns fixed but values changes
but i am getting static data… how can i get dynamic data ?