Problem with copying a table from PDF to Excel

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I am trying to extract a table from a pdf file and paste it in an Excel file under the exact same form. I succeeded to extract the table with almost the same format using some splits, but i m still having a problem to well devide it paste it in the excel file.
This is the PDF file i want to extract : sampledata.pdf.pdf (79.4 KB)
This is the logic i used in thi XML file : PDF_DataExtraction.xaml (8.0 KB)
And this is the result i after the split :

Is there a way to have the same result as the pdf file ? Thank you in advance.

Use the screen scraping wizard on the document and the data will be stored in a datatable. The rows will contain data which is in alignment with data in the next column.


Thank you Anthony for your answer :slight_smile: Actually the Screen Scraping is blocked in my machine else i wouldn’t face this problem :confused: A lot of functionalities are blocked due to a Group Strategy and we re fixing that, so i should do it with the hard way which is reading the file and extracting the data in an excel file with the same format !!