Unable to identify the Checkbox Status

Hi Team,

I am trying to get the status of the checkbox in SAP CRM.I have tried Get attribute,element exists,Image exists, Find element,Get text,Data scraping,screen scraping

Nothing is working.

Bot is able to capture the status of radio button but not the checkbox and also tag is coming as IMG.please let me know if any other activities need to check.

I need to get the status of email

Check this solution Cannot get SAP checkbox value: CoreSelectorNotFoundException - #2 by LevKushnir

Hi Marian,

I have tried get attribute.but “checked” attribute is not available. Tried to get SRC attribute also.but same result is coming for (check, uncheck)both the cases.

Hi @Priyambada_Panda,
Use uiexplorer and check the properties you can get checked not not.
Share the screenshot of checkbox selector in uiexplorer

Hello @Priyambada_Panda

Can you inspect on the checkbox using uiexplorer and share the selector here. Usually there should be some attribute that varies if you check the box.

So based on that you can write a if condition.


Please find the selector details