Cannot Get Credential from Orchestrator via Task Scheduler

Hi, I am using Task Scheduler with .bat file trying to automatically run a robot at specific time. There are two questions:

  1. It cannot get asset credentials from orchestrator which has no problem when I run manually via Studio or Assistant.

The error message is “An organization unit is required for this action. Error code: 1101”.

  1. Also there’s one more question: When choose “run whether user is logged on or not”, Why the task scheduler cannot work?

I’ve already created a generic credential through “Credential Management”, based on the following post. But still doesn’t work.

Any one can help me with above two questions?
Thanks a lot.


Welcome back to our UiPath community.

Did you add Orchestrator folder name in Get Credentials activity ?

Hi, lakshman
I checked and I didn’t specify the folder. After I input the folder name, it worked.
Thank you so much.
By the way, do you maybe know something about my second question?

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Any particular reason to schedule the process in Task scheduler instead of Orchestrator ?

I would suggest you to go with Orchestrator only as we have many advantages are there.

Thanks, Then I’ll try to use Orchestrator Instead.

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I just checked my orchestrator and found that I can neither start a job nor trigger a job.

“Start Job” button is disabled in orchestrator.

When I tried to trigger a job, the following error comes out:“Folder XXX: #trigger XX for #process X could not start. Could not find a machine in the current folder (#2818)”

I don’t know it it’s because my attended license or something else


We can only schedule the Unattended Bots from Orchestrator but not attended Bots.

If you are using latest version then we can schedule the Attended bots from UiPath Assistant.

Yes, you are right. Only unattended license can schedule robots. But unfortunately, I only have attended robot license.

Another question besides scheduling, do you know anything about Virtual Machine for running UiPath. Our supplier give us two options: 1. OnPrem 2. Azure. Which one is better?

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