Run a bot on Orchestrator server without credentials


We have Enterprise Version of UIPath and Orchestrator. There is an Unattended bot setup to run on the same machine as Orchestrator Server. In the Robots setup section of Orchestrator the credentials need to be entered to login to the machine. Since the bot is setup on the same machine is there a way to bypass this credential setup?


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No buddy
We need to mention Domain/UserName while creating robots in Orchestrator as they are mandatory fields but password is not necessary if we are going to run being in the same machine

And to mention the correct domain and username go to your command prompt window and type as whoami which will give us the domain/username

For more details on field description while creating robot and its option

Cheers @rlobo

Thanks for the quick response. Here is what I did:

  1. Set up the username and machine for the bot that is running on the Orchestrator server. Left the Password field blank.
  2. Submitted a Job and selected this bot
  3. The job faulted as soon as it was submitted. Here is the error log:

Process: DispatcherWF
Environment: Test
Robot: BOT1
Machine name: XX01
Info: The user name or password is incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007052E)
Start Time: 11/08/2019 3:35:15 PM
End Time: 11/08/2019 3:35:15 PM
keyboard_arrow_right Input Values: Object
Output Values: null
Has Recording: false


For unattended BOT, we need to provide credentials as it is mandatory fields. Once you trigger this BOT from Orchestrator then bot only will login this machine and perform the activities ?

May i know what is the issue if you provide credentials at the time of creating Robot in Orchestrator ?

Yes, we are using Service Accounts to perform the job. The windows password is getting updated everyday for these accounts. It is a maintenance nightmare to go and update the password everyday in the Robot Credentials so that the jobs can run without erroring out. So, is there a way we can bypass this when the bot is running on the same machine as the Orchestrator server. This is a very big issue for the clients, I hope we can get a workable solution for this.


I guess as of now we don’t have any other solution for this.

@loginerror @Pablito

Could you please add your valuable comments on this ?

Hi @rlobo

I would suggest you to contact our support here for more assistance:

They might be aware of the best solution.

My first instinct was to suggest the new 2019.10 version which includes automatic integration with AD, but I think it is only for attended robots for now (plus I am not sure how well it would work with a user that is also running the Orchestrator).