"Store Credentials" from trayapp removed

In the new version of UiPath i see that the store credential option is removed from the trayapp. If you want to start a job from Orchestrator how would you send the credential information to unlock the PC?

Hi @nbjerke

When you start a job from Orchestrator, the Robot will use the credentials you provided when you provisioned the Robot in Orchestrator to connect to the machine.

Thank you for the reply! The credentials seem to work. However, i am constantly getting a timeout error on the job. Is there a limit to what kind of activities that can be run?

Can the user be signed out or can it only run when the screen is locked?

Anyone who can help me with this issue? :pray:


Is your robot running on a remote desktop machine?
Here is a thread that has a workaround for the timeout error in this case:

The robot is run on a remote laptop yes. So if I understand correctly, the workaround needs to be done on the computer that I use orchestrator to initiate the jobs/processes?

If you start the job from orchestrator, it is recommended that you sign out from the remote desktop connection to the laptop before job is starting.
If you are logged with remote desktop to the laptop, and the job starts, every time you minimize the desktop connection, or it gets disconnected (you close the window, disconnects do to internet connection, etc)

Thank you @ovi and @cosmin.sandulescu. The workaround seemed to do the trick. However, this could be an issue if i want to start the process from a different machine. Then I would need to update the registry on that machine as well? And what if I want to start the process from a Mac or iPhone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you will have to do the same on that machine.

UiPath Studio can only be installed on Windows machines(Win7 and above/Win server 2008 and above). But you can still use it on your Mac if you have a virtual machine that runs Windows. Just search in AppStore for a virtual machine tool and give it a try :slight_smile:


But cant I start the process from the Orchestrator Url from my iPhone?

Yes, although it’s not fully mobile friendly, you can access it and start Jobs from your iPhone.

Ok. Thanks for the help!