Cannot find UI Element according to selector


I´m new here so be patient please:). I´ve already checked some topics, but still don´t know how to fix it. When I refresh the page, with element, I cannot find element anymore (Element exists)

Already checked Cannot find Ui Element coresponding to this selector issue and was trying to compare both selectors in notepad.

First selector:

Is valid, when I refresh page (F5) - “The target object is no longer valid! Try to indicate it on the screen again.”

Second selector:
Indicated again


Can we have URL to test?

Cannot find the UI element

Yes sure. => box “IČO” => f.e. value “25834525” => element “DPH”


Both selector image are same.
Where your getting element cannot find?
can you tell me operation your performing on which control?
or you could upload xaml to test.

PS: tried with box “IČO” => f.e. value “25834525” selector are same.


Well maybe i don´t have sufficient knowledges. When i run the workflow - it works now.
But when i try to check the selector in UiPath Explorer it doesn´t work - so maybe i´m testing it in wrong way.