Cannot extract all rows

when extract the data by using the extrat tabel data activity, the activity cannot exctract all rows.

Hi @ahmmed.kathem

Have you set the Maximum no of res = 0, If you are using Data Scarpping


If you are using Table extraction, Have you checked the setting?


what is data scarpping

Data scraping in UiPath is a feature that allows you to extract structured data from web pages, desktop applications, or documents and store it in a structured format like a DataTable. It is particularly useful when you need to automate the extraction of tabular or list-like data from various source


yes, the limit is the same (no limit )

It is the case it will extract the all the data from the rows.

thank you som mutch for the clarification,

is it need to be activated in the program if I am using UiPath 2023 ?

there is a parameter in the properties of the activity named (Number of items ) this set 0

is it correct ?

Data scraping was a built-in feature in UiPath and didn’t require separate activation.


I have the same setting

In the Preview Data all the values are coming up?

no, not showing all data

I mean in the preview it will not shows all rows available in the application

but according to the columns, all of them are exctracted

so, the problem with the rows that cannot be extracted ( the number of rows is 117 )

Hi @ahmmed.kathem

Does the application is loaded completely?

May be some the row are not loaded properly? Can you check out that

to exist all rows, I have to scroll down

I think this is the issue. Before extracting the data from the application you can try scroll to down of the page.

how can I do it, shall I do it in the same activity or different

if different one, what is it ?

Yolu can try with Send Hotkey activity _. Page Down

I do not hvae this actvity