Cannot downlowd UiPath Studio

Hello ,
I have this issue when trying to download Uipath

Anybody experiencing the same issue?
How to solve it?

Hi @serge_ziehi

Use this link login and download go to Resource Center

Kommi Jeevan.


Hi Kommi, thanks four your feedback.
Yes i’am actually using this exact steps and links you mentioned.
But the target link returns above page with error 403 !!. does this link working for you?

Hi @serge_ziehi,
Can you tell me from which country are you logging in?
Eventually check your firewall if they are not blocking anything.

Ivory Coast

Hi Pablito
Its ok now now but only behind an VPN session . I use an US ip adress here.


Its seems like there is a kind of location restriction, for certain countries?!!

Yes there is for sure some restrictions because of European Union and United States law. However I need to confirm if this applies for your region and based on what. I’m still waiting for our Legal team to confirm it. Please be patient :slight_smile: