Cannot download Community Version from Ukraine




The download UiPath results in 403 error when download is initiated from Ukraine.
I had to use VPN to download it.

Some of us have foreign clients you know :slight_smile:


403 - Forbidden as well.


You aren’t alone. I had to download Studio CE from another user. And now it isn’t automatically updated and I’m not sure that I will be able to prolong the license.
Could UPath help with this question?



There are some info in the announcement on this post.
Hope it helps you.



Thank you for your help. I’m from Kyiv, not from restricted territories, as was written by the link.
I hope it will help when I’ll write a request


I’m from Lviv, Ukraine. Also can’t download UIPath Community Edition. 403 Forbidden error. Is it legal to download it in Ukraine (not Crimea or Donbass)?