Activities and logic within the Then/Else block disappear while using "If" Activity

Hi Community,

I wanted to share my recent experience with Studio following the latest updates. I’ve encountered significant bugs, especially in the “If” activity, and occasionally in other loops like “while” or “foreach.” This problem occurs when using the “If activity” and adding a sequence of activities and logic within a Then/Else block. If I collapse the block and then expand it again, all the activities and logic within the Then/Else block disappear, and there’s no way to undo it.

I’m seeking assistance to resolve this issue, as not only myself but several of my colleagues are also facing the same problem, making our development process quite challenging. Your help in mitigating this problem would be greatly appreciated

PFB the Screenshots,

Capture 2


Hi @Biswajeet_kumar

This has been fixed in the last official 2023.10 build and the System package 23.10.2:

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