When I comment out an IF Statement, it deletes the sequences within

Very peculiar and I don’t recall this happening before. Has anyone else ever had this issue?

Have I got something selected somewhere which is auto doing this?

It’s an unfortunate but known issue. See for example this topic: Activities dissapear when you Disable IF-statement - Feedback / Studio - UiPath Community Forum - https://forum.uipath.com/

Yeah it’s a known issue
It will get fixed soon

For now

Make sure you have latest system package version installed

Try to restart your machine and run again
Remove that if condition if not needed and give a try

Hope this helps

Cheers @steve1977beyond

In UiPath, it’s not common for an IF statement to automatically delete sequences or activities when you comment it out. However, there are a few possibilities to consider:

  1. Accidental Deletion: It’s possible that while commenting out an IF statement, you accidentally highlighted and deleted the activities or sequences. UiPath Studio allows you to select and delete activities and sequences in a way that may seem like the IF statement deletion is causing it.
  2. If you’re using keyboard shortcuts, be cautious of the “Ctrl + Delete” key combination, which deletes selected activities or sequences. If you accidentally use this shortcut while commenting out an IF statement, it may delete the content.
  3. UiPath Studio Behavior: UiPath Studio generally doesn’t delete sequences when you comment out an IF statement. However, it’s always good to keep your UiPath Studio installation up to date to ensure that you have the latest bug fixes and improvements.


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