Cannot detect a loading window vanishing

Aim: Continue RPA process on a desktop application after a 4 minute loading process is done, which is signaled by the loading window disappearing.


What I’ve tried so far:

  1. Wait for element to vanish - Tried to use UiPath to check on the loading window when it disappears. UiPath seems to think the element has vanished immediately, and continues on

  2. OCT text - Tried to use OCR text on the results window (which is blocked by the loading window) but it also seems to move on immediately without waiting.

Right now, I am putting in an explicit delay/wait, but it’s inflexible and not ideal.

Can any of you experts solved similar problems before?


@YP_nomura san,


“Wait image vanish” it works for me perfect


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Thanks Samurai-san,

I tried that with a 5 second delay before the activity and it worked. Thanks :smile:

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