Unable to scrap complete Data table from web application

Unable to scrap complete Data table from web application,

I am able to scrap the first column of the table but the second, third and fourth column are not scraping.
I tried to use the selectors to check any difference but not able to find any difference in selectors.
Every time I am trying to scrap table only first column data is extracted.

Please suggest…

Hello Gajanan,
Please share the XAML file for us to understand this better.

I suggest you follow the steps mentioned in this article if you haven’t already:

Yes…i have already done all these steps, but still unable to get data for 2nd,3rd, and 4th column.
As in my case I am trying to extract the data from web application, which has 4 columns, like

T_No T_Date T_Type T_Status

I am able to get data from first columns only for rest of columns it is blank only…

Share your worflow file (XAML) so that we understand what has been missed and suggest changes.

The work flow is same as you know for normal scraping…due to system constrains I will not be able to share the XML file…
I understand it is very difficult to solve the issue without seen the screen or table…

Thank you for your help…

@Gajanans22 Have you tried with another table? Just to see if it’s the same behavior.

Yes I tried with another table, for that table scraping is working …

Maybe there are actually more

attributes in that HTML. (I guess you’re doing a direct HTML table scraping).
Instead try to work with pattern based extraction (indicate the fields from 2 consecutive rows)
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