Cannot connect UIPath Studio

Hi all, first time UI Path user here, I cannot seam to access UI Path Studio. It keeps saying “ConnectToOrchestrator Timed Out.” Need your help. Thanks in advance.![cannot access orchestrator|690x474] (upload://rRu6cli3I5Bwg0phRsziuldTMrP.png)


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Are you using community edition / Enterprise Edition

Which orchestrator URL are you providing?

We not able to see your image you uploaded


Hi @Srini84, I am using the community edition. I didn’t provide the orchestrator URL, I went with the sign in option. I am actually trying to follow the learning path in UiPath academy. I was able to open it in offline mode tho. I am wondering if this is okay moving forward with the assignments.


Can you try to open the below link in your browser?

If this is giving any error, there might be some antivirus / firewall / Organization settings which is blocking

Hope this helps you


Hi @Srini84, I am able to open it.



Open the UiPath Assistant, It will be under your system tray, right click on that and click on Orchestra tor settings as below?


Hi Thompson_Go

Try to reinstall studio the same error came to me i reinstalled it or try first to restart and select uiPath Community studio .

Hope this will help u

Sahil garg

Hi @Srini84, I am not sure how to open UIPath Assistant. This is my view right now.

Hi @Sahil_Garg, I am not sure how to reinstall it, I am just opening it using this icon. image