Uipath studio not connected to orchestrator


I have installed UiPath Studio on my Computer (Version 2020.10.4)

I have entered the test license I received from my IT division

I have created an account on Uipath accademy and Uipath Cloud

I have started the first mandatory training (RPA Developer Foundation).

I have then noticed that Ui Path Studio is not connected to Orchestrator, because I’m not logged in. If I click on “connect to Orchestrator“ (bottom right in Studio), rhen a fenster opens: where I have to enter a machine Name, a Server name, and a machine ID.

Since it seams that I need admin rights for that, I was granted admin rights for 24h … but I am still not getting anywhere. I created a machine in Uipath Cloud, enter the same name and the machine ID in Studio, but no progress

Could you please help me ?

Many thanks


HI @thomas.carlin,

What is the error you are getting ?

Can you share screenshots from orchestrator for machine you created and also from how you are trying to connect?


Here the version I’m using

In Studio on the top right, I see that I am not logged in

if I click on “verbinden = Connect” then I get the follow window:

in Studio on the bottow right, I see that Orchestrator is not connected

If I click on “establish connection with orchestrator” the same blue window pops up

In Ui Path Cloud, I went to Ochestrator > Tenant > Machines > Add new machine

Then added a machine with the name of the Computer (which appeared in the blue sreen in Studio)

then a copied the key from this machine and entered in Studio

I copied the link to Ui Path Cloud as link to orchestrator

I have also noticed that in the version my company provides me, the ui path assistant is not installed


Many thanks for the ideas


I do not know how often I rebooted, restarted Ui Path Studio, reinstalled Ui Path Studio … I was could never log in (function is deactivated by the administrator …) … and now suddenly, without changing anything, I was asked to log in while starting up Ui Path Studio … and since them I am logged in and orchestrator is communicating with Studio as expected … Very strange … Anyways now it is working as expected … Don’t try to understand :wink:

Thomas Carlin

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