Problem with UiRobot

Hi all,

I am trying to connect the UiRobot with the Orchestrator but I get the following message

Do you know how I can solve this error?

Thank you very much in advance, greetings

Make sure that the orchestrator url is mentioned as per this blog

Cheers @luis_villa

hi @Palaniyappan,

if all the parameters to be put in the Orchestrator URL are correctly, but the error persists


is it showing like GONE…or language change…
because i have never seen a error like GONE before

It shows as “gone”, the truth is that I had not seen that error before


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Hmmm…so let’s try this
Kindly try installing the latest version of studio and try once connecting to the orchestrator

Cheers @luis_villa


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Just now i saw one post and he also facing same issue and he is also using old version of Uipath studio.(2018.1)

Try to install latest version of Uipath studio and then try once.

This url might be usefull. It will show if your robot is still compatible with which Orchestrator version: Compatibility matrix

thanks to all, if it is true that my version of orchestrator is not compatible with the version of UiPath

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