Cannot communicate with UiPath extension on MS Edge browser in InPrivate

Hi All,

I am having issue running unattended process due to the robot throwing this error:

Here are some additional details:
Studio version: 2022.10.5
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities version: 22.10.6
MS Edge browser version:
UiPath extension version:

Workaround that I have tried:

  • Reinstalling browser and extension
  • Downgrading package version

This issue only occur around 2 in 10 runs, but it is still affecting the runs.

Hi @Yap_Derek

Enable Allow in InPrivate in Mange Extensions of UiPath Browser Automation.

Refer the below image:

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Parvathy,

I should mention that I have already Allowed extension in InPrivate and also allow the file URLs.