(NEWEST FEED) Open Chrome: Communication with the browser is not possible, please check the UIPath extension

Hello Community,

since yesterday all bots in our company stopped working, since they all rely on Chrome. I tried all the solutions on internet. Uninstall/Reinstall didn’t help. UI Path can only communicate with Internet Explorer. For Chrome and Edge, the browser gets opened but no clicks are done. This seems to be a global UI Path problem. Can you please provide an explanation?


Hello @Alardingz_Tm,

Did you install the uipath extension in chrome?

Maybe this is the issue :slight_smile:

Yes. The bots worked on a daily basis on Chrome. All coworkers have the same issue.

and this?

Yes this extension is installed. But it does’t work anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but the issue persists.

Hi @Alardingz_Tm

Have you managed to resolve the issue, maybe by contacting our Technical Support for direct assistance?

If not, could you please share the version of your Studio and the UIAutomation activity package?