Cannot communicate with the browser, please check uipath extension

Hi Team,
it’s not the first time that happens this problem “Cannot communicate with browser, please check uipath extension”.
Now it happened with chrome, months ago with firefox. The extension is installed properly.
I have read every possible resolution here, but I haven’t found an answer yet.
This happens sometimes, randomly, on some virtual machines, and usually on monday, after two days off. The only solution for now is to unistall chrome and reinstall. Can i have some help here?

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Hi @proto,

Can you try this below points,hope it will work

  • Remove the installed chrome extension
  • Close uipath studio and robot from task manager
  • Please try re-installing the extension for the browser
  • Restart uipath again
  • Start a new project
  • from manage extensions select chrome and add the extension


we try with Internet explorer as it is the stable and robust browser with uipath and as per uipath suggestion indeed that would work for sure


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Thanks for the help @1996,
i’ve just tried to follow this steps, but unfortunately the error occur after few days and i need to use chrome

up please

I have had the same and found that Firefox innitially opens in the “Private” setting somehow. For me it helped when I enabled the Private option in the Extension.
Reinstalled it many times first without any results.

Exact same problem. It’s annoying and ruin your monday. :unamused:

@proto - this issue occurring with most of the customers for Chrome/Firefox browser extensions disable/enable randomly… Quick support - May be you can raise a support ticket with UiPath Support team for this issue.

cheers @proto