Cannot click on button on webpage

Hi Experts

I am trying to click a button on a webpage that is followed by a hyperlink. But I am not able to click the button itself but it seems to be clicking on the actual hyperlink.

If I inspect the element in Developer Tools I can see the button is highlighted when I hover ::before


How can I get around this in the selector?

Hi @jacchr

Can you tried to use Click image activity instead of click.


I works with image - but I would rather not use the image option.

Can you tell us why don’t use the Image activity @jacchr

can you share with us the relevant part within Visual Tree from UiExplorer. Thanks

Hi @jacchr,

Can you share the selectors?


It is the blue button I need to click:


This is the selector that is created when I select it with UiPath:

<webctrl id='rwp' tag='IFRAME' />
<webctrl aaname='Reports' tag='A' uipath-html-title='Reports' />

But when highlighting it is more than the button that is highlighted:


The visual tree looks like this:

I can of course configure the click to be to the left but if possible I would like to ensure that it is the icon that is clicked.

please try to use click with custom offset sometimes button don’t response even you have good selector ,

::before is a pseudo element

clicking on the link (a element) should work and looks not wrong