Unable to click on a button on a web page, it seems to just skip past it, but validation is green


I have tried multiple things after reading through the forum, but I am a total newbie at this (chuffed ive got this far) and I am stuck trying to click a web “continue” button. The selector is green and validated, I debuged it and it literally missed the click and so didnt move to the next page.


Ive tried delays and god knows what else, but I cant get it to click on that button. So if anyone can offer a beginner some help, it would be apprecaited :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Please Try the options Below ,

Try using Highlight activity with same selector and check if it highlights the element which you are trying to click.
Try using Simulate click
Try keeping WaitForReady as Complete

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I have tried all the above and it just doesnt find it at all. but it thinks its clicked it so moves to the next step which of course fails.

Did you saw the yellow highlight ?

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Its not highlighting it yellow so I am guessing thats the issue?

Hi @lisa.swaine,

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Are you using multiple pages/browser windows on Chrome by chance? If the element you are trying to click isn’t being highlighted red (or yellow as @Krishna_547 said) when you click “Highlight” on the Selector Editor window, there may be another “Continue” button in the background somewhere.

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I will ensure that I try it shortly and all the other windows are closed. Im a manual tester with hands in multiple pies, so its possible that I could have one on in the background. Its not something that I had thought about, but its a possibility, so I will try that :slight_smile:

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@Krishna_547 @william.coulson really appreciate you taking the time to help me :slight_smile:

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so in the event anyone looks at this in future we used attach browser and then navigate to, which took me to the next page and it seems to be working very well. Tried a lot of different things with my work colleague and he suggested this.

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