Cannot Access Orchestrator Due To Error: An Error Has Occurred, Errorcode: 0

How to access Orchestrator when prompted to the error " An Error Has Occurred, Errorcode: 0" ?

Error Message:

Cannot access the Orchestrator UI due to error "{"message":"An error has occurred.","errorCode":0,"resourceIds":null}".

Resolution: Check the following,

  • if able to access Identity. To do this, type in the address bar "Orchestrator URL\identity"
  • In IIS if Identity, Orchestrator, and Webhooks are running under the same username. Verify if there is any change in the Application Pools, such as user. If yes, then manually update the user and password.
  • If the Identity and Webhooks applications are running or stopped in IIS (under Application Pools). If stopped, reset the IIS and start the Apps manually
  • Certificate validity in IIS, as this should not be expired
  • Thumbprint in appsettings.Production.json. If it is different than the one checked in the certificate, update the appsettings.Production.json with the Thumbprint from the IIS certificate. Save the file and restart IIS.

If all the above are correct and running properly, provide the below details for further investigation by UiPath Support team

  • UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file
  • Event Viewer Application logs in an .evtx format from the Orchestrator and SQL servers.

Thank You very much! the Thumbprint did the trick.