Can you have multiple activities in the "ELSE" when using "IF" activity

I have a need to have multiple activities like Assign in the else and the UI is not letting me. How do you go about it.


Yes thats possible. You can add as many assign activities as you need. Is there a problem with dropping the activity inside the else part.?

Rammohan B.

Hi @shanugoel,
Yes @Rammohan91 said true. But to solve the dropping problem in the else even true part also.

Before the drag the activities, you have to drag and drop the sequence activity. Inside it you can drag and drop many activities without problem.

My suggestion .
If you have more activities inside the else or true part better you can use the workflow file invoke activity.


You need to put the activities in a Sequence or it will only allow 1 activity. What balupad said

I believe sequence should get created automatically when you drag and drop your 2nd activity right below the 1st one. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.

This is default :slight_smile:

No Sequence activity inside the if .

A changed one with Sequence Activity


I am not able to. I started out with Flow chart. I read from excel into a datatable and then I am processing each row. In this process I have the if activity and it won’t let me drop more than 1 activity in the else, but lets me drop another if

@shanugoel is its possible to share your xaml?

Its a UiPath Studio bug. Close the service inside the task manager and then relaunch your UiPath Studio. You should be able to drag 2 actitivties inside “if” (it automatically makes a sequence).

Hope it works. Regards :mage: