Not able to Find Else if condition inside Else if activity

Not able to Find Else if condition inside Else if activity only Else and Then block can be seen
Using Studio Version as : Enterprise 2022.10.5
UiPath.System.Activities : v23.4.4

Below is Attached Screenshot of else if condition


Hi @Nikhil_Jain

Try restarting the studio and upgrade or degrade the system activities.

Hi @Nikhil_Jain

Check the below screenshot, are you getting like this

If yes, then you can click on the Add Else If or Else option with in activity.
If no, then downgrade the UiPath.System.activities package.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Nikhil_Jain

Is it that you are opening a community version developer / higher end version workflow you are opening? If so it’s better to check by degrading the package, if not replacing the activity with the current version will works

Hope this may help you


Hello @Nikhil_Jain

If (Condition 1)
’ Actions to perform if Condition 1 is true
Else If (Condition 2)
’ Actions to perform if Condition 2 is true
Else If (Condition 3)
’ Actions to perform if Condition 3 is true
’ Actions to perform if none of the conditions are true
End If

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @Nikhil_Jain ,
Can you share your activity?
or try install studio and package

  1. Activity Pane: Verify that the “Activity Pane” is properly configured. Sometimes, activity properties and conditions can become hidden due to changes in the layout of the designer. You can try to expand the activity pane or reset its layout.
  2. Restart UiPath: Occasionally, UiPath Studio may experience UI glitches or issues. A simple restart of UiPath Studio may resolve the problem.


can you share your studio and system packages version please

I am using the Community edition not the Enterprise edition @Nikhil_Jain

Could you screenshot the activity in the design panel and show us then we will get better idea of it.

Hi I am getting it as

That’s how the “If” activity looks in the newest version. When you filter your activities panel, you should be able to see an “If” activity and an “Else if” activity. Can you check?

This is the screenshot of ElseIF Condition in my studio, it looks like if statement, so there is no difference in my case actually

This’s “If activity”

we have “If else activity”

can you please share your studio version and system activities package version

My version studio is 2023.10 community and system package is 2023.10
but in older version I have this “Else if activity” eg: 2023.4

Is anyone using Enterprise? Can anyone confirm if he/she is able to see else if condition in else if activity in enterprise version ?

I’m using enterprise Studio 2022.10.7, and in my Studio the “Else If” activity does have the ability to add “Else If” sections.

If you filter your activities pane, are you able to see 2 options, “Else If” and “If”? Like this.

and what’s your system package version ?

I tested with 22.10.8 and 23.4.5 and the result is the same.

Can see it now as I was using UiPath Studio version 2022.10.5 just now updated to latest can see now. thanks everyone !!