Large Activities - If-For Each-etc

do you guys have the same issue as i do? it s been like this for the past month on multiple studios and projects, it looks like if or any other activity that scales horizontally does not auto fit, or auto resize and it s slowing me down heavily.

any thoughts?

another image with the if showing the else as well :

Hi @florian.tudorache

Would you be able to provide some simple steps on how to reproduce this behaviour?

Ideally, something like:

  1. Add activity X
  2. Click on Y
  3. Add activity Z
    and so on

Alternatively, could you maybe attach the project that this happened for you on?

Hello Maciej,

Unfortuantely it s completely random, but what could you do to replicate it have a sequence then inside it add sequence 2 and add inside it a multiple assign activity and then an if and see if it scales.
problem.xaml (8.9 KB)

i am using uipath inside a hyper-v vm, i did reset all settings,same issue, tried resizing uipath window,same issue.

Thank you for the steps @florian.tudorache and the file.

Although the exact steps did not immediately reproduce for me on an older project I had with an older version of the System activities package, your file did reproduce it for me when I updated to the latest preview of said package:

I was then able to reproduce it from scratch on a new file:

It looks like the steps for me were:
add For Each Row → then add Multiple Assign activity → then IF activity

I’ll register a bug in our bug tracker and keep this topic up to date on the progress.

thank you @loginerror , i hope this will be solved soon! glad to be able to help.

In the meantime, I noticed that downgrading the System package to version 21.10.3 fixes the issue with otherwise the same exact activities in each file and no further modifications:

yes,i can confirm this fixed the issue.

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