Need help if i have Multiple IF conditon

Dear All
i need help if i have 7 IF condition and all of them return True i want complete my task if one of them Return Fals i want send email and stop my task
as i know it can done by Switch but i don’t have exprience how it can be done in UIpath

please need your support for that


Hi @Mohamed_Abbas,

Please refer this xaml file, developed sample example

Test.xaml (5.4 KB)

SwitchActivity.xaml (6.2 KB)

Arivu :slight_smile:


You can write one IF expression using “AND” to join statements together. If at least one of them fails, send the email.


@arivu96 @olgu

thanks for replay but can pleas expline to me how i can used with If condtion because my if condition reading from excel and compare data
thansk for support

Hi @Mohamed_Abbas,

If you need to perform actions from multiple outcome of a condition , then you can use switch. If you want to do some actions by checking your conditions and if it returns only 2 values, that is true or false, it’s better to go with multiple conditions in ‘If’ activity like Olgu said. condition



thanks dear please can find my Xmal and if can show ne how i can do it
please if can update it to me and show me how i can do you step

Main.xaml (14.7 KB)

Your xaml is corrupted.
Could you please be more specific what you need to check? If you can’t fix xaml, maybe add here some screenshots with explanation?

1 Like (52.5 KB)

could you check dear

could you check now if it’s fine or no

It’s still corrupted. You have errors in workflow.

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What multiple statements you want to use?
From what I see, currently you’re comparing dates in two distinct excel files.
You mean, you’re having 7 IF conditions for 7 different files?
Where are these statements?

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now i want if any one from 7 IF condition got else mean false send email and stop the task if all 7 IF got then mean True then will complete the task
this i want to do

I hope now you got idea about my issue


@nimin posted simple screen shot of my first answer, using “and” connectors. It is the simplest way, please refer to this screenshot.


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but if i know how to do i will do i will not ask i’m new with Uipath and still not understand some process
if you can help me i will be thankful @olgu


If you have 7 condition and you want all of them to return TRUE , If anyone of condition is false then it should go to ELSE part. [ Please let me know if i am wrong in this ]

Considering the above condition :

For Example : i have conditions where [ Taking 3 different conditions as of now ]
Variables : a, b, xyz
Value : a should be equal to 5 , b should be less than < 10 , and xyz should be equal to ‘abc’

I have taken random conditions, in this if any one value will return false then my ELSE part will work, If all the condition true then my Then part will work

Follow these steps in UiPath :

  1. Drag and Drop If Activity
  2. Write the condition : a= 5 AND b<= 10 AND xyz=“ABC”
  3. In Then ,place your code which should work when your condition is True and in Else place your code which you want to execute when any condition is FalseIF_Condition


Hi @Mohamed_Abbas,

It seems like you are checking the conditions in different loops with different excel application scopes and datatables. To check whether a number of conditions are satisfied or not, you can try something like this.
Please declare a variable with an initial value. Let it be token=0. Whenever your condition fails, assign some value to that variable. Finally check the variable inside a ‘if’ activity whether the value of the variable is the initial value or not. If it’s the initial value, then all the conditions are true, otherwise some condition has failed and you can execute the corresponding activities you want to do further.


Warm regards,

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