Robot connection to Orchestrator for multiple users in one machine


I completed my first process for a robot and published it to the Orchestrator. It is an attended bot using Forms to get customer input and I would like to get it to my customers for user testing.

The problem is there are two users with different windows credentials for one machine. Is it possible to add two Domain\Username for one machine?

The user credentials, that you enter in Orchestrator are only being used for the login to the windows session. You can store additional credentials (for logins etc.) as Orchestrator assets and load them to your workflow. Make sure to keep those encrypted in the assets creation section.

If your use-case is meant to be run on multiple machines (attended user #1 and #2), you will have to create two different robots and assign your process to each of them.

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Hello @kc-x

So If the users runs the robot using the assistant and I connect the assistant to the Orchestrator signed into Windows as user 1. Can user 2 use the assistant to run the same robot if they are using the same machine, just different Windows user ID’s?

This depends on your setup. Can you elaborate on your windows version and license type you are using? Do you plan to use the assistant simultaneously (both users logged in at the same time)?

Using Windows 10 and using community version. The users will not be using will NOT be logging in at the same time. So User 1 will be using the machine in the morning and user 2 afternoon.

Okay, license wise you are good to go. Community version has 2 attended licenses included.
So what you need to do is (assuming, that you have published your process to Orchestrator):

  • in Robot tab in Orchestrator you create two robots, one for each user name, with the license type attended robot.
  • Create an environment with your preferred name
  • Assign both created robots to the newly created environment
  • Under process, create a new process and assign it to the environment, that you just created

The process should now be visible and executable by both users from assistant tray. I don’t recall how it is for attended bots, but for unattended bots you are required to assign multiple licenses to one machine, if you are using >1 robot license. I always forget where this option is being configured in OR. Best refer to Licensing :smiley:

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Hi @syi

As your Question is simply like that , the answer is yes , you can create multiple users for same machine its not a problem

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Thank you!

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@syi you are welcome :sunglasses:

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