Can we run two bots in the same computer? Considering that we are using a VM

Can you guide me through the steps?

If we have configured high density robot

Cheers @MadLadFuryRoad

If you use Dockers… you can use as many robots as you wish… please find Dockers concept hear

HI @rkelchuri,
I need to do specific mouse clicks on an android emulator. I am using uipath for it.
We can run multiple emulators on a single computer. So I need to do the clicking process on the multiple emulators simultaneously on the same computer. How do I go forth?


When you are using multiple Emulators then find out each emuplator’s index value to identify or title to identify. Once you find unique property then we can alien each emulator in a specific position of the screen and start navigating.
This has to handle more generic specific to screen resolution other wise your script will work in 1 machine and it may fail in other machine which are with different resolution.

So, design carefully and it will work.

Why don’t you try mobile automation tools.

Selendroid, Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab (Android and iOS)… etc

some more tools are hear

Yes, I can alienate the emulators. Running on a different computer is not a problem for now. So how do I run the same process in multiple emulators? What if the mouse click activity needs to be done at the same time in both the emulators? Wont it clash?


If you wanted to use 2 mouse clicks at a time… then you need to use high density robots in a same machine. which is a different licensing method.
What i suggest is single robot in a single machine with one after one click…

My use case requires two or more mouse clicks at the same time.
How can high density robot help me in my use case?
And can Virtual OS in any we be helpful in my use case?