Can we run multiple bots simultaneously in the same computer?

I am running two emulators on the same computer. I want to run two separate bots for each emulator simultaneously. How is it possible?


Yes only when we have set the concurrent runtime accordingly that is we must have high density robot so that we can execute two robots at a time machine but from two different users

Else only one robot per machine

Cheers @MadLadFuryRoad


If the bot is running, we don’t have an option to run the another bot parallel to the running bot. Even in the orchestrator, the bot will be added to the queue. So, if you want to run the piece of code parallel, you can involve it in the single workflow

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Hi @Palaniyappan,
Is it also possible if both the emulators required mouse clicks? How will the bot react if there is mouse click activity in both the bots simultaneously.