Can we run Attended Bot and Unattended Bot in a Same machine at once

Hi All,

I have a doubt regarding the attended and unattended bot.

Can Attended bot and Unattended Bot run at same time in same machine?

Is it possible, or will be there any clashes as Attended will be working on browser and bank portal login then download bank transactions whereas Unattended will be accessing those downloaded document data at once and then convert them to flat files and move to SFTP server.

These processes both attended and unattended will run for 10 hours or more.

Will it be possible, please help me on this


Hope it doesn’t interact with any UI. If yes then can use Background process template and create it. In that case, single BOT license is enough to run both the processes at the same time in a single machine.

It will be foreground process.

Note: We can run one foreground process and N. no of background processes at a same time in single machine.

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Remember one thing, corelate your question with physical employees, and think can two physical employees work simultaneously on single system? no it’s not possible, so two bots also can’t run in single system.

Hi @lakshman

But, the attended bot will be running continuously refreshing the browser and downloading the transaction document for every ten minutes, and unattended will be running whenever there is downloaded data available, will it won’t be any problem if there is any exception or any pop-up occured during any of the run with any of the run may be it is attended or unattended?

Because excel activity will be popping up on browser and extracting data and adding it to new excel file and changing to text file .

Can you help me on this

Hi @maddy99 ,

If you have one bot created on background template and don’t have any UI Interaction then yes 2 b process can at the same time.