UiPath Bot architecture in VM - doubts

Need to have few clarity regarding the architecture of UiPath Bots in VM.

Question-1 - Can two un-attended bots can execute simultaneously in VM?

Question-2 - What happens in the VM when you login to VM and a bot is executing?

Question- 3 How Unattended bot working is different from attended bot working in VM.


  1. YES You can run 2 unattended BOT’s simultaneously.
    Provided BOT1 -
    is a foreground process and the other one(BOT2) is background. If both are foreground processes then you will need to have 2 VMs

2, The BOT keeps on running, nothing will happen. But yes if you manually try to open some other application while BOT is running then it will get inerrupted and you may get the failuer message in the log file and also u will see in the orchestrator Job failed

  1. Unattanted BOT runs by scheduling , and no need of human intervension. Where as the attened BOT runs under the human superivision.

Hi @Karan28 ,

Q1: Yes, you can run 2 Un-Attended Bots on VM. Given that the OS on the VM is Windows Server OS. One Unattended bot will run in User A & the Other in User B. Two sessions are allowed on a server by default hence no additional RDS License Required for 2 Users. But beyond 2 Users you need RDS Licenses.

Q2: When bot executes it creates a user session of it’s own. If you login to the server using the same User ID Bot is using you can look at the robot executing & for sure you mess with it’s operation if you it’s doing some click / type into’s. If you login to the VM with a different User ID other than that of the Robot there won’t be any impact.

Q3: The process on Unattended Bots can be triggered, scheduled from Orchestrator. But in Attended Bot the Process has to be triggered from the System Tray.

Hope that helps !

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