Run Multiple Process in one attended bot and in unattended bot?

Is it possible to run Multiple process on one attended robot and Unattended robot? if how possible kindly sends some reference documents for it

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We can run one Foreground process and N no. of Background processes at a time in single machine.

Still iam not getting bro. As of my knowledge- one attended robot can run one process at a same time. not more than one. vice verse for unattended too isn’t it? @lakshman

But now the thing is I want multiple process to run in Single attended bot at same time? Is there any scope for it… same for unattended .
Thanks in advance @lakshman
I need your help too bro on this part. @Palaniyappan
Thanks in advance @lakshman @Palaniyappan

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Yes. At a time we can run only one process in single machine whether it is Attended or Unattended Bot.

But if you have any Background processes i.e doesn’t contain any user interaction. If yes then we can run N no. of process and one Foreground at a time in single machine. Have a look below thread.

It won’t be possible in single Attended Bot unless it is Background process.

You need to create multiple user accounts in that machine and then you can achieve it.

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Let me try to start in a simple way

Attended and unattended bots were early called as FOREGROUND and BACKGROUND process

Which means when a process runs with a human intervention and also in front of you in a system then it was called as FOREGROUND PROCESS which is now called as Attended bots

Where as when a process run without human intervention and does require human to sit in front of a machine then it was called BACKGROUND process which is now called Unattended bots
But that does mean that machine is off or shut down
It is available in a way termed as logged off
It is still accessible and always connected to a network. Only then it can be a unattended bot

Now coming to the point whether we can run multiple process at a time in attended or in unattended mode and for that

ATTENDED BOTS - with a normal attended bot license it is not possible
But it is possible with this PARALLEL ATTENDED EXECUTION
Have a View on this doc

And for

UNATTENDED BOTS - yeah it is possible to run N number of process provided you have that much Concurrent runtime license
With that you can host a High density robot environment and run multiple process in Same machine at a time with different login accounts
Have a view on this

And the good part is this high density robot can be configured for attendee bots as well
So I would suggest to check for this option

Hope this would help you

Cheers @Ranganathan_M

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