Can I interact with my machine GUI when using unattended bots

Hi All,

can you please specify whether i can use my machine while an unattended bot is running in the background.

e.g.: if a unattended bot is running in my machine using a excel to complete a task. can i use my machine to send a mail at the same time.

please let me know.

thank you.


Welcome to our uipath community.

As you said you are using Unattended BOT right. Once process completed then it will logoff system automatically.

@Ara Yes, you can do that.

Welcome to uipath community
Yes it can be done
But there are some restrictions that could affect your process and the bot process as well and moreover its recommended bot to use the same machine with which we are executing the process
Like if it’s a unattended it should be ran from orchestrator right
And mean while when the bot gets triggered from orchestrator it will try to login the system and if you were logged in at that time working on your mail box or something, you will be logged off that would interrupt your process

And the second point is even after the bot getting logged in to your machine if want to login YES OF COURSE YOU CAN LOGIN but ensure that you don’t any click on mouse or keyboard so that it will affect the process
Even beyond that if we try to write a mail when the bot is running behind, once the bot execution is over the system will get logged off…that will affect your process right…

So it’s recommended to keep a separate server for unattended bots so that it won’t interrupt our other processes

Cheers @Ara

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