How to create a package of a process for the orchestrator upload without using the studio

I am using version 18.3 and wants to publish and deploy a process but i cant use the studio for the publish, i am aware about the manual steps to upload the package to the orchestrator but i am unaware about the steps required to create the complete package for the manual upload,
kindly help.

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Hey @shivamkaushik319,

Sorry, I can’t get the point you can’t use studio

Could you please elaborate

Thanks :slight_smile:

no i can’t use studio to publish the process to orchestrator, there are instructions to upload the .nupkg of the process to the orchestrator manually but i dont know how to create this .nupkg

have a look here:

I am aware about the steps of manually uploading the package to the orchestrator, I want to know the steps to create the package file that needs to be uploaded to the orchestrator

the statement is not clear enough and can be interpretated in multiple ways. However:

thats the chain: UiPathProject/XAML - Publish/Compile - Result: *nupkg

Find some further info here and also have a forum search by your own:

take a note from the cite:

Maybe you can use NuGet Package Explorer to modifiy an already existing package with the xamls from your publishing request

Hey @shivamkaushik319,

You will be needing nuget cli to perform the same

But it will be a bit painful process.

I feel this one will be little clear & easy to follow,

Thanks :+1:

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Hi All,

Thanks for the quick replies, I found the solution using Command line as follows -

Step 1 - Navigate to UiRobot.exe

Step 2 - Copy the source project.json path - for ex - “D:\Process\project.json”

Step 3 - Copy the destination folder path - ex- “D:\Process”

Step4 - Package version - “21.00.00”

Open CMD and navigate to studio folder -

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio -----(this will be different for community edition users)
once navigated give the following command
UiRobot.exe -pack “D:\Process\project.json” -o “D:\Process” -v “21.00.00”

Packed project will be placed in the destination folder.

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