Updating Nuget packages on the server


When I design a robot in Studio on my machine, I use the latest versions of Nuget packages. Then, when I publish my process to Orchestrator, how can I make sure that it uses the same version of the Nuget packages it is dependent on?

If I look at the Packages folder on the server, then I see that those Nuget packages were last modified at the date I installed UiPath Platform.

How does this work?

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Are you asking how to put new packages onto the orchestrator and then use the latest package?

Yes. What happens is we update Studio packages, create robots with them, then publish, but they don’t work because Orchestrator still has old versions of packages.

Hi @dntim,

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question, but I’m also really curious about this. We’re still implementing the use of UiPath through the Orchestrator, but our setup is supposed to be like this:

  • Developers are UiPath Studio on their own dev machines.
  • Test and production robot machines only have UiPath Robot software installed, not Studio.
  • We run unattended robots, scheduled from UiPath Orchestrator (licensed and installed locally).

Similar to your question, we need to know how to keep the packages on the robot machines up to date, without using Studio. Does that match your situation? Would you be so kind to update this topic if you find a solution?

Orchestrator will be updated automatically when Studio is updated. You can use the same update-source as described here: Managing Activities Packages