Upload nupkg file orchestrator

Hi all,

I have a development machine which is not connected to Orchestrator. How can i upload the package to orchestrator. Also do I need to copy any files on orchestrator server like config file or any other xaml file.


You can upload package file manually also through packages page in Orchestrator. But if you want to run in specific machine then that machine should be connected to Orchestrator and then only you can trigger the bot.

I’ll connect that machine to the Orchestrator. But I need to have any files on that machine after uploading the package. For eg will I have to place the config file in that machine.


No need to place any config files on that machine to connect with orchestrator.

So in that case if I need to make any changes in config, will I have to change in the development machine and then re-upload the package?

Just to make clear, I am talking about the machine where my BOT will be running.

Yes if you change anything in the code then again you need to publish it and upload into orchestrator.

I guess, If you specify absolute path then no need to publish it again.

Making changes in config means no changing anything in xaml file but changing some values in config. Like changing the excel file with some values