Data table extraction

Hi guys
Am trying to extract the data from the below type of structure but while am using the Data scraping it will only extract the headers of the table. Please any one does some needful…

Hi @Prasanth_98

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Have a look on the document for more clarification


Yes, Gokul I know this is the process of scraping the data but the exact problem is I mentioned below…

Screenshot 2022-09-08 022151

Screenshot 2022-09-08 022132

Hi @Prasanth_98

Have you give yes to extract whole table?

Yes I did but it will only extract the headers

Give first and second data in the Check Date column @Prasanth_98

The data I was mentioned in the first post

@Areej_fatima This will not help me, the structure of the data I mentioned was totally different & it is very difficult to extract

Is it web base or excel sheet?

This structure is in the web

Use Table Extraction

@Prasanth_98 If you are not able with Data Scrapping, you can make dynamic selector and put in loop and then get data by get text activity

@Areej_fatima Same thing is happening

I need this data in excel for log purposes…

Can you please explain how to implement this

Hi @Prasanth_98

Can we cable to access the website, If yes Share website link

please follow these steps.
1- use two get text activity one for check date and one for check amount.
2- get selector for first row.
3- check selector, it is possible to make it dynamic so that we can put variable in selector

Am Sorry it’s a secure portal so i cannot able to share it…