Can we deploy CV workflows to all type of machine (different screensize)?

As per my understanding all CV activities will work based on screenshots. In Dev system screen size is 14 inch. If I try to deploy my solution to client machine (Screen size 11 inch) . There it is not working

Error screen shot

For this scenrio wt i can do?

Note: Same workflow working fine in my system


Login to Orchestrator → Go to Tenant → Go to Folders tab → Select the Folder → In Accounts&Group Click on three dots → Click on Edit Tenant role & Robot → Go to Robot Settings → In Session settings → Enable the Login console option and give the width, height and depth of resolutions based on your conditions.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Check the below thread,

Hope it helps!!

I gave that option Still i am facing the issue


You need enable The Login to console and change to NO.

When Login to Console option is set to YES, the Console Session will be used and you can not change the resolution (even if you set is orchestrator). In that case, the resolution used is get from graphic card or in case VM, the VM management tool.

If Login to Console option is disable (not YES or NO) the session that will be used is getting from UiPath.settings located in robot machine and the default session is Console Session

To use custom resolution, you need to use RDP Session instead

CV doesn’t exactly work from screenshots. It’s more intelligent than that, and it is designed to handle different resolutions. However, it’s good practice to make sure all your automations are running under the same resolution to avoid various problems different resolutions can cause.

Also, the size of a monitor has nothing to do with screen resolution.

Login to Console should be set to No, not Yes.

Sorry @postwick I am wrong.

@BNK Toggle the Login to Console option and Select the No option.