Citrix application - CV activities resolution help

Hello All, I am working on a production fix for a bot that uses an application behind Citrix. For my fix I need to read the text on the screen using the CV activities. In production - The server on which the bot runs is at the 1366X768 resolution and the bot itself is at the default resolution of 1920x1080 in the bot orchestrator settings.
The fix I have in place is currently failing - assuming it is due to the resolution mismatch on my VM with respect to the expected resolution to production.
Wondering what should be the resolution that I have to use to MSTSC (remote into) my VM to code for the fix that can work for my Production configuration?

the resolution is very important for CV. Therefore Our development environments have the same resolution as VMs on production.
If you define activities on different resolution it will not work.
But you can set resolution on rdp connections on you PC and in production VMs like you want here: