Need help to understand CV Screen Scope activity using Local sever

Hi Team,

I am working on a project where i need to automate citrix based application(Can’t work with Remote runtime for Citrix). Using Local Sever option for CV activities.

I’m facing an issue to understand how we can nest CV screen scope activity with attach window.
As with this application sometime normal click activity works. But on some screens need to to CV Click/CV get text activity.

Now when I need to use CV activity, sometime i get the below error:


Outline of my workflow is:

For example, if I am automating Screen 2 using CV activities, it’s only working if I’m using ‘Attach Window’ as a container activity for ‘CV Screen Scope’.

But for Screen 3 I am able to directly use CV screen Scope without Attach Window as a container.

Note: I’m not using any normal activities inside the CV screen Scope.

For Screen 1 & 2, I’m using CV Click activity.
For Screen 3, I’m using CV Get Text.

Properties of CV Screen Scope Activity:

I am confused how this works. If someone can help to understand that would be great!!


Hi @deepika.garg ,

CV Screen Scope activity should be the first activity to be used while automating using CV - This is the place where we would define the API Key / Local Server (meaning CV Pack is installed locally)

With the recent updates in CV - we have got something called Caching Strategy - That Clubs all your Screens in a Single CV Scope . For Better Understanding - I am sharing 2 Videos for reference.

Caching Strategy :


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Hi @mukeshkala , thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @mukeshkala !!

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